April 18, 2008

The Buddhist Cellphone

Not sure why it's gold-plated, exactly. And it's available only in China.

The best religious cell phone in the world is made for Buddhists. This highly modified and rare Nokia N70 is currently available only in China. Like other religious cell phones, the Buddhist phone has Buddhist ring tones, software and other trappings. What sets this phone apart from the pack is the sheer beauty and detail of the customization.

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Philip Ryan's picture

We should also note this item was apparently Worst Horsed several months ago.

Gerald Ford's picture

We should add a satire alert for this, considering the emails we’ve gotten. . .

Funny you should mention that. ;) I was just about to reply. Ha ha ha.

Eva's picture

Yet another thing to crave!

Philip Ryan's picture

We should add a satire alert for this, considering the emails we've gotten. . .