March 12, 2007


Philip Ryan

Gee, I wish I could ride this train. But it doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.

In the meantime I'm left wondering what's happened to Big Red Buddha. Does anyone know? Like a lot of Republican candidates, BRB doesn't seem to have survived the November elections. I haven't seen Miso on any soymilk cartons either. And I've been looking.

Buddah Monk RingtonesI'm also considering starting a campaign against the annoying contextual ad, "Buddah Monk Ringtones". You've probably seen it if you've been poking around the Buddhist web. Is it a brilliant ploy to stand out and get clicks? Anyway, it bugs me.

Philip Ryan, Webmaster

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Philip Ryan's picture

Thanks for the info, Tom!

Tom Armstrong's picture

By responding to this post ten months after it was posted shows I am reading EVERY Buddhist post in 2007 in my search for Good Blog.

What happened to Miso? Chris Baskind is Miso [it is now revealed!] and, I think it is fair to say, he has moved on to other online endeavors that have greater hope of drawing a big audience and earning him a living in the craft of writing online. Lighter Footstep is one of his online projects. There are others.

Chris is a member of the Buddhoblog Hall of Fame [or, would be were there such a thing/place] for Paper Frog, his first blog, which was much hailed by Beliefnet, and, with WoodMoor Village, the Buddhism representatives of Beliefnet's Blog Heaven.

A person can keep track of Chris's doings at Chris Baskind dot com.