March 29, 2012

BuddhaFest Short Film Submissions

The BuddhaFest film festival, taking place June 14th-17th in Washington DC and sponsored by Tricycle, is looking for your short film submissions!

This Short Film Showcase is a chance to participate in the events and to share your ideas with the Buddhist community. BuddhaFest is asking for a film, just five minutes or less, that deals with the question, "What Does it Mean to be Awake in the World?" A $1000 prize goes to the top film!

Here's what our friends at BuddhaFest have to say about the showcase:

"We’re looking for films from new and experienced filmmakers that explore such themes as meditation, living mindfully, mindful awareness, compassion, and service to the world."

Visit BuddhaFest's submission page to learn more about the contest and to take a loolat the films on their "inspiration wall" to get an idea of the content they're looking for. The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2012—Good luck!



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