June 06, 2011

BuddhaFest: Fire Under the Snow starts today!

Fire Under the Snow tells the powerful story of Palden Gyatso, a Tibetan Buddhist monk arrested by the Chinese Communist Army in 1959. He spent the next 33 years in prisons and labor camps for the "crimes" of peaceful demonstration and refusal to denounce his apolitical teacher as an Indian spy. While in prison, Palden Gyatso was tortured and forced to live in dehumanizing conditions. His courage and resilience, however, is a testament to the human spirit.

Sign up for the Tricycle BuddhaFest Online Film Festival, and watch Fire Under the Snow today.

Watch an interview with Makoto Sasa, director and producer of Fire Under the Snow.


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namaste04's picture

Hi, does anyone know how long the videos are available for, is it just for the month of june ? I'm not sure that I would get time to watch everything in June. Thankyou Richard

Monty McKeever's picture

Yes, they will only be available for June. I do think it would be great if we were able to keep them on the site longer though!


viccles's picture

I can't seem to access any of the films. I am a member and have paid the $20 and have a number. But there doesn't seem to be anywhere to enter the number to access a video, only the trailer keeps popping up. What am I missing? Appreciate a pointer!!!

Monty McKeever's picture

Hi viccles,

The movies can be accesses from http://www.tricycle.com/buddhafest

Today is only day 1, so the only film that has been posted so far is "Fire Under the Snow:" http://www.tricycle.com/buddhafest/fire-under-snow
That one will show up as more than a preview.

For the others, here is the schedule of when they will become available:
Fire Under the Snow
With One Voice
Colors of Compassion
Cave in the Snow
For the Benefit of All Beings
Crazy Wisdom