December 12, 2007

The Bodhidharma Stupa and the Damaged Bodhi Tree

bodhidharma_stupa.jpgA very cool movie by Andy Ferguson on the burial site of Bodhidharma is up on YouTube. The site has only recently been rediscovered and, even more recently, been refurbished. This will become a major pilgrimage site for Zen practitioners in the years to come. Thanks to the ZenFrog for pointing it out. Visit South Mountain Tours for more info on how to get there.

The podcast Zen is Stupid, hosted by Gwen Bell and Patrick Reynolds, is a kind of rebellious non-driving, vegetarian stepchild of Car Talk -- and it's actually about cars (or driving) this week! Last week about retreats was also excellent.

Umm, an interviewer has to endure fifteen minutes of Courtney Love's "Buddhist chanting" before she would consent to be interviewed by him. How do we know this? The Worst Horse, of course of course.

Charges have been filed against those allegedly responsible for damaging the Bodhi tree. (This story was covered here back in May.) "The accused belong to the temple administration who were entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the tree," says the AP by way of the Buddhist Channel. They took a cutting of a branch, it seems, with the intention of selling it or replanting it. The Bodhi tree (itself believed to be a descendant or cutting of the original under which the historical Buddha sat in approximately 500 B.C.E.) is located in Bodh Gaya in the Indian state of Bihar, in the east of the country. It is the holiest site and most most important pilgrimage place in all of Buddhism.

The Buddhist Channel also has an interesting piece on the dying breed of traditional alms-bowl makers in Thailand.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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Mary Rosendale's picture

I went with Andy to Bodhidharma's stupa last year. We also visited Bodhidharma's meditation cave above Shaolin The most memorable and touching stop, however, was at the 2nd Ancestor's Village. Chinese Buddhists are hungry for a connection with the West.