January 19, 2011

Is Bodh Gaya being threatened?

A disturbing development, via Sify.com

Concerned at the looming Maoist threat in the region, authorities beefed up security around a revered Buddhist temple in Bihar's Bodhgaya town.

Hundreds of security officials, armed with latest gadgets and weapons, have been deployed at the famous temple to prevent any eventuality.

To enhance the efficiency level of the policemen, dozens of close circuit television cameras and metal detectors have also been installed at the temple.

The temple marks the spot where Buddha is said to have gained enlightenment in eastern India some 2,500 years ago, making it one of Buddhism's holiest sites.

Temple authorities revealed that Maoist ultras might have 'disguised' themselves as Buddhist monks to escape the security officials.

"Though the Maoist ultras are not attacking the Buddhist sites, they have disguised themselves as monks to escape the security officials. Maoists have indeed come into the Buddhist sect disguised as monks," said N. Dorje, secretary of the Bodhgaya temple management committee.

The temple is thought to have been built 1,500 years ago and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002. (ANI)


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