November 10, 2010

A Beautiful Fall Morning at the Village Zendo

Tricycle's web editor, Phil Ryan, and I had the good fortune to spend the morning sitting and speaking with Roshi Enkyo O'Hara at the Village Zendo, located just south of Houston on Broadway in lower Manhattan. We were there to interview her about the upcoming 25th anniversary of the Village Zendo community. Naturally, the conversation started with the telling of Enkyo's own Buddhist story, and from there we were able to cover topics ranging from how to best adapt various Zen rituals for a lay community in America to the challenges and joys of practicing in the city. Stay tuned for the fruits of the interview.

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Sheryl Hastalis's picture

FANTASTIC! I am grateful to both tricycle and Roshi O'Hara's dharma talks on the GenjoKoan, by Dogen, that were posted on the community page a couple of years back. These talks and Roshi's teachings inspired my practice, and were transformational, poetic, intimate, and wise beyond the beyond!
thanks in advance for posting more! to all .. check em out!