November 17, 2011

"Art As a Weapon" Needs Your Help!

San Diego's Breadtruck Films is creating a feature documentary called "Art As a Weapon," which explores the convergence of Buddhism, street art, and the struggle for democracy in Burma. You can watch the teaser trailer here, which includes interviews with Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi and street artist Shepard Fairey, best known for his "Hope" posters from the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

But the filmmakers behind "Art As a Weapon" need your help to complete the documentary by sending a filming team to the Thai-Burmese border. They are trying to raise $30,000 by December 9th through Kickstarter, where you can find out more about the film and what you can get in return for donating. Here's the link:

If you are unfamiliar with how Kickstarter works, though $4,000 has already been pledged to "Art As a Weapon," if the film doesn't reach it's $30,000 goal in the next three weeks they don't receive any of the pledged donations. So if you're interested in seeing "Art As a Weapon" be released, get on over to Kickstarter to get your generosity juices flowing.

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