October 07, 2011

All the time we need: Lama Surya Das at the Tricycle Book Club

My thesis is that it's not time we lack but focus, priorities, and awareness. For we actually have all the time we need; it all depends on how we choose to use or abuse and lose it.

For example: What keeps you from choosing more satisfactorily how you spend your own time? Is it really true, as so many people tell me, that others take a lot of time? Rather than you yourself giving it to them—work, boss, family or whomever—and that therefore you have a lot of choice, whether conscious or not, in such matters?

This comes from Lama Surya Das in the discussion of his new book, Buddha Standard Time. Most of us would agree with his thesis, but it's easier said than done when it comes to changing our relationship with time. Even if it's true that we have a choice in the matter, it doesn't feel like we do. So how do we wake up to seeing our options? Lama Surya outlines a number of practices in Buddha Standard Time that help us do just that. He encourages us to take time out to "Rediscover the Sky," or to make time for a mindful moment to "Reach for Your Higher Self."

If you have questions while reading, Lama Surya is being very active in the discussion taking place on the Tricycle Community. For the month of October, Tricycle is offering the book at a 20% discount, and throwing in a free e-book version. Get the book here.

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