October 26, 2009


Our art director Frank Olinsky sent along the following poster. How many glaciers have to melt for the oceans to rise this high?

2012 movie poster

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The polar shift is underway. The mid-Atlantic ridge evidences the past occurrences, numerous. The movement of displaced oceans across the surface of the earth at 1,000 mph will accomplish what plague, war and industrial havoc could not wreak. The ascendant consciousness precedes the event in the form of mortal awareness...or better still...awareness of mortality, global.

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i seen that movie. it was amazing. it really opens ur eyes if it happens or not. keep in mind the time u have left

Joe's picture

Great picture, but obviously this is as fantastic as any fable about dragons and faeries. Nothing to do with reality.

joseph mc lean's picture

i totally agree and i am not here to scare monger people i am a very calm person but its to late there is going to be chaeyos in the world with people trying to fight just for clean water and food it has all ready started the people are mirgrating to seek better lives and us in the western world will have to let these people through imagine the chaose if we said no

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Craig's picture

2012 is going to be an interesting year. I have a friend who studies hermetics and does not believe that 2012 will be a cataclysmic event. I personally think it will be a shift in consciousness on a scale never before seen, and it is fitting if you think about the picture above that it is a Buddhist (presumably a monk by the robes) staring out at a vast ocean because what comes to my mind is the Buddha's parable of the raft.

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All of them.