August 05, 2011

20 Years, 20 Teachings: One Dharma by Joseph Goldstein

To celebrate 20 years of Tricycle we're offering a free e-book to Tricycle Community Supporting and Sustaining Members. 20 Years, 20 Teachings, features some of the best teachings, interviews, and reflections by Tricycle’s top teachers and writers. For example, here's a gem from Joseph Goldstein's contribution, "One Dharma":

As Western Buddhist practitioners, we’ve been brought up to question and investigate, and this exploration can become a great strength of our dharma practice. The different teachings that are coming together and interacting here in the West are being tested and challenged by each other. We’re hearing different teachings, we’re reflecting on them, and we’re practicing them and testing them in our own lives, in our own meditation experience. Many of us are practicing in several of these different traditions. It’s not uncommon for people to list as their various teachers Tibetan Rinpoches, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese Zen masters, Thai ajaans, Burmese sayadaws, and Western teachers of every school. We may have various opinions about whether or not this mixing is a good idea, but it is what is happening. And so our challenge is to understand it and craft it in such a way that it becomes a vehicle for awakening.

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buddhabrats's picture

"Take teachings like a pig or a dog, go everywhere, and then like a tiger retire to the mountains to digest."
In the spirit of diversity the fact that whatever works for you might be inconceivable to someone else, but it works for you and the only buddha the world is waiting for is you, let us never forget. Padmasambava even predicted that the people of the red star would come in chariots breathing fire and the teachings would move to the west. The more teachings on the nature of the mind the better, we are not sheep we can choose what works for us and what doesn't.

I take it a bit further still check out