Remembering Alan Watts

Alan Watts (1915-1973) is still a source of fascination for the Buddhist and non-Buddhist world alike.

The remarkable life of Zen pioneer Alan Watts [1915-1973] is featured in the Fall 2007 issue ("The Sensualist," by Mira Tweti). In this special web exclusive we celebrate the work and legacy of Watts with audio, video, and art by and about Alan Watts. Enjoy!


Alan Watts Theater. Several animated movies from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The image pictured is from an animation by Tim Sisco.


Also, take a look at the Alan Watts Story featuring his TV and autobiographic lecture series.


Excerpt from Eastern Wisdom. Modern Life by Alan Watts, published by New World Library.


"What is going to happen to Japan when it becomes the same place as California? In other words, you can take a streetcar from one end of town to another, and it’s the same town. So, if you can take a jet plane from one city to another, then they’re going to become the same place. To preserve the whole world from ultimate Los Angelization, we in the United States have to learn how to enjoy material and to be true materialists, instead of exploiters of material. . . . "


Alan Watts



Information about the Alan Watts Center in Marin County, California, which will house a huge archive of Alan Watts recordings. 





Roy Tuckman (b.k.a. Roy of Hollywood) has been hosting Something's Happening, a weekly radio broadcast often featuring Alan Watts, since 1977. Audio downloads available here, under "Audio Archives."

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