37 Practices of the Bodhisattva - Verse 31

Ken McLeod

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Ken McLeod continues his commentary on the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva with the 31st verse. Watch the other videos here.

If you don’t go into your own confusion,
You may just be a materialist in practitioner’s clothing.
Constantly go into your own confusion
And put an end to it — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

For more of Ken McLeod's teachings, visit Unfettered Mind.


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mralexander99's picture

"Constantly Go into your own confusion AND put an end to it"...now that is an earful and a mouthful...SO the ACT of recognizing my confusion and to GO into it is --- The way to put and END to it?..." The Unconditioned" as a place is confusion for me...wanting to transcend time and space is also confusion for me...it seems to me that I mis-understand what The Buddha is all about in terms of "Nirvana" and "Anatura Samyak Sambodhi" i.e. Awakening...confusion is part of the human condition which I enter into as a willingness to put my head in the "lion's mouth" as long as it leads to "The Uncoditioned" ...which I think (When I am not CONFUSED) is a VERB!...and there she waits--- "Calmly Licking Her Chops"

avigael's picture

"Many people who practice Buddhism take emptiness, the unconditioned, or whatever you want to call it, as the ultimate point of reference. But it isn't" Really? yikes. I am so tempted to make emptiness, Buddha nature, the place to return to. I bow to awakening mind in practice daily, but forget that it has no substance again and again. So when i practice, say with reactive emotions, I use the emptiness, rigpa to return to. But truly, this is creating a new "safety" thing so" I" do not blow apart. This is very helpful. But, yikes! The unknown mystery again........

fishman.ellen's picture

Loved the quote-“Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable. But there it sits nevertheless, calmly licking its chops”
― H.L. Mencken