37 Practices of the Bodhisattva - Verse 3

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Ken McLeod continues his commentary on the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva with Verse 3. Watch the other videos here.

Don’t engage disturbances and reactive emotions gradually fade away;
Don’t engage distractions and spiritual practice naturally grows;
Keep awareness clear and vivid and confidence in the way arises.
Rely on silence — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

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Ken McLeod's picture

Yes, the last word is "life".

volnoir's picture

i heard the word ' life '

Patricia.I's picture

Thank you.
But I literally meant the last word at 3:23... I believe it is life.

Ken McLeod's picture

The last paragraph of the commentary is:
Finally, in that listening, we continue to look, and may uncover a natural clarity - not something we create, for it is already there, but something we can foster. When we listen and look in that clarity, we find a quiet confidence and our way becomes clear.

The quotation at the end is:
And with the clarity of inner calm comes an insight into one of life's profound ironies: striving for happiness, we create suffering; understanding suffering, we find peace.
- Prayudh Payutto

starpathmontana's picture

Thanks for identifying the spelling of scholar in the reply. These verses continue to resonate throughout my week. I have found it helpful to have a copy of The Thirty-Seven Practices to refer to. Is there a particular translation you recommend?

George Draffan's picture

A belated link to Ken's translation of the 37 practices:


Patricia.I's picture

How do I find my way... silence... beautiful!
Still my mind was left grasping for the last word spoken by Ken.
Can someone tell me what is was?

dfs2552's picture

Ken names a Thai scholar who he says has written extensively on how "Buddhism applies to life."