37 Practices of the Bodhisattva - Verse 28

Ken McLeod

This post contains video. Watch now.

Ken McLeod continues his commentary on the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva with the 28th verse. Watch the other videos here.

Listeners and solitary buddhas, working only for their own welfare,
Are seen to practice as if their heads were on fire.
To help all beings, pour your energy into practice:
It’s the source of all abilities — this is the practice of a bodhisattva.

For more of Ken McLeod's teachings, visit Unfettered Mind.


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mralexander99's picture

These short videos on the "37 Practices" are so poignant and pithy --- they are a real treasure for me. There are many subtle meanings that Ken unravels that show me where I am deficient in understanding and practice. I am lost in how to show appreciation for this. OYVEY

Dominic Gomez's picture

"To help ALL beings": a buddha's raison d'etre.

symphonyofcolor@gmail.com's picture

Ken, I needed that message today. My reasons for practice are the usual ones and then as I keep asking "why is that important to me" I do get to that visceral feeling that doesn't need to be named. You have given me a permission slip to just let go and "be" with life as it is. Thank you!