Walking: Meditation on the Move

13 Masters on Mindful Walking

Take a stroll through 13 pages of walking meditation with Buddhist masters.

Shakyamuni Buddha

On the four bodily positions: walking, standing, sitting, and lying down.

"Again, bhikkhus, when walking, a bhikkhu understands: 'I am walking’; when standing, he understands: 'I am standing’; when sitting, he understands: 'I am sitting'; when lying down, he understands: 'I am lying down’; or he understands accordingly however his body is disposed. As he abides thus diligent, ardent, and resolute, his memories and intentions based on the household life are abandoned . . . That too is how a bhikkhu develops mindfulness of the body."

Excerpted from The Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha, reprinted with permission from Wisdom Publications.

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